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What's in a name?

Waking up every morning, and sipping coffee on the back porch, we get to watch the sun rise, bringing warming bright yellow and lavender rays across the lochan and through our farm. 

It's a joy watching the sun rise, that special moment just before the dawn rays take us from night to day. This is a twilight, not an evening twilight, a special twilight, a twilight at dawn.

We searched for words to describe this beauty that we experience every morning, and in the descriptive Scottish Gaelic language we found just that.

Camhanaich (pronounced “kav’-an-ach”) meaning 'Early Morning Twilight".

How fitting that these morning views lock in our far past heritage, and our future dreams of lavender fields. How fortunate that we can lay claim to such a term.

Thus Camhanaich Farm was, and over time we have toiled and pondered where this journey should take us. We have traveled in many directions, and we are sure there are many to come. From evolving our herd of Goats to dairy producing Nubians, to planting and harvesting different genres of Lavender, one thing is for sure, and that is that every morning, we wake to Camhanaich.