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Meet Camhanaich's Herd

Meet Camhanaich's Herd

Camhanaich Farm would never have been without our herd. We started with a mixed group when we moved to the our property. We learned alot, but quickly realized we did not want to raised meat goats or auction market bought. With research, we decided the Nubian breed was what we wanted to raise. Nubians are a dairy breed, they produce a sweet creamy milk after kidding. I have tried milk from our other mixed bred goats and there is definitely a difference in the flavor of the milk. 

We got three Pure Bred Nubians, one little buckling only days old and two seasoned does. One of the does was pregnant and we were blessed with our first farm born kids. These five Nubians taught us alot. Milking, bottle feeding, birthing, disbudding and so much more. 

We are now on the path of not having any bucks on the farm because man oh man are they heathens. We will do AI ( artificial insemination ) in the future. All of our Pure Bred Nubians are named after Greek Goddess, it’s pretty fun to look up new names for them when they come.

Without further ado, meet Camhanaich Farm's Herd.

Meet Artemis: was the Greek goddess of hunting, wild nature, and chastity. Artemis was regarded as a patron of girls and young women and a protectress during childbirth.

Ari, as I like to call her, is beautiful in all ways. She is the first kid born on our farm with our ADGA herd name. She was an early first freshener February 2020. Her milk is what is in our soaps today and we could not be prouder of her. This doe has an amazing demeanor and has proven to be a perfect mom. Ari loves sunbathing and bossing everyone around.

Meet Selene: was the goddess of the moon, which she drove every night across the skies. Selene was linked to Artemis; both are considered lunar goddesses.

Selene Bean, as I like to call her, is Ari's baby doe. She is our little black beauty. She has the sweetest prance and loves her momma. Selene loves playing with the boys and sunbathing with mom.

Meet Tyche: was the goddess of fortune and prosperity.

Tyche (pronounce like nike but with a T instead of a N) is our newest little doeling. She has been nicknamed princess. We picked her up from her breeder, Hardwicke Farms, this last Saturday. She is proving to be a sweet soul, and a total people lover. We have a newborn again! She will join the herd full time after she is about twelve weeks. She is enjoying her playdates with our herd for now and also getting extra special loves from Colin and I, because right now she is an only baby. Tyche loves being a couch potato, nap time is her favorite because she gets all the cuddles and love. We expect to hopefully have two more little doelings in about a month. They are cooking up in their mommas belly at the moment.

Meet the Wethers: What the heck is a wether you ask? Wethers cannot breed does but they are still very beneficial to the herd. A wether during breeding season will let us know if a doe is in heat, successfully bred or if unsuccessfully bred. They will become the herd leader and protector, leading the does out to pasture and back in at the end of the day. They are peace keepers of the herd, always trying to separate disputes between does. Their life motto is "We are lovers not fighters."

Tanner and Horny ( named Horny because his disbudding didn’t totally take so he still has one horn ) unfortunately lost their mother at birth. As sad as it was, these boys became our first true bottle raised babies and were truly a highlight to our day when they were little wee kids. These boys are Nubian & Kiko mixed. The boys love golf cart rides and hugs all day long. They love hanging with the ladies. 

Hanzel is our blue eyed Nubian & Myotonic wether. He has a little heart of gold and is so very trusting. He was the youngest of the bunch until Tyche arrived a couple days ago. Hanzel loves food and just wants to be friends with everyone. Swoon over his crystal clear eyes!

We plan on growing our herd more and will update as we do. This is not our original herd, but the herd we are creating. They have all been cared for, and loved. Alot of patience and time has gone into temperament, and condition of these beautiful creatures.

We hope you enjoyed the "Meet the Herd" blog, stay tuned for many more blogs to come and a special addition blog of the rest of our animals, and day to day life here on the farm. There is so much to see and things change daily around here. Leave a comment below if you have special request on what you would like to see. 

Thank you for joining us and have a wonderful day!

                                       Shauna & Colin



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  • Posted by Beth Boyd on

    You two are doing it right. I know you will be successful. Love the last soaps, especially the “him” soap. Gets rid of the smell of gas and diesel immediately. Good job guys! Looking forward to the next installment on the blog.

  • Posted by Mom and pops on

    First of all I’d like to say how proud we are of you both! As for me (mom)I absolutely love the rose soap that I got from you. The scent of roses reminds me of when I was a child living with my grandmother. It is calming and beautiful. The goats are just gorgeous, I would love to have one for my own :-) but pops won’t allow! Love you both!!

  • Posted by Jessica on

    Your farm is absolutely breathtaking. I am so very proud of what you have established together, I remember when you first moved and watching all the transformation. You’ve been able to persevere through so much in life which is very inspiring to me. I love you and pray for nothing but God’s grace and Blessings along your journey.💜

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